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Home > Automatic Pool Cleaners > Robo-Kleen™ Filter Bags

Robo-Kleen™ Filter Bags
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Price:  $66.95

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Robo-Kleen™ Filter Bags: Its fine mesh filter bag can capture the tiniest particles, even algae and bacteria.
There are only a few simple steps to maintaining your Robo-Kleen.


1) Uncoiling cable:
If cable becomes twisted, unplug from power supply and untwist manually. Untwisting manually is most effective after allowing cable to lay in the sun so it becomes pliable.

2) Clean Filter Bag:
a. Place Robo-Kleen upside down. Push the locking tabs to the side to unlock the bottom lid. Remove the bottom lid with filter bag attached.

b. Pull one of the 4 red tabs out and remove the filter bag from the bottom lid. Turn the filter bag inside out. Use a garden hose to wash it thoroughly. The bag should be laundered periodically, using a regular wash cycle.

c. Rinse the bottom lid parts and bottom brushes.

d. Refit the filter bag with the fluffy surface inward. Start from one corner - align one of the red tabs with the corner. Gently insert the stitched edge of the filter bag into the double walls (groove) of the bottom lid, and work your way around.

e. Replace the bottom lid assembly in the body of the unit and lock in place.

3) Impeller:
Occasionally hair or linen may get caught in the impeller. If that happens, take the top grill off by removing the 2 screws from the top. MAKE SURE THE TRANSFORMER IS UNPLUGGED. Remove the debris. Replace the top grill and tighten the 2 screws.

4) Front Drive Wheels and Rear Idler Wheels:
Remove debris or tree leaves caught in the axle bearing. CAUTION: Do not turn the drive wheels by force. This may cause damage to the drive gear train.

5) Winterization
Always remove cleaner from pool for winterization. Do not store Robo-Kleen where the temperature drops below 40˚ F. Freezing temperatures can affect seals and lubricants used in the mechanism.
Catalog Number: NE452
Shipping: Free Shipping
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